Blossoming Heart Divine Arts

These individual sessions can be offered in-person, by phone or Zoom.  They are meant to help you relax and centre into your heart, offering you deep insight into your issues and path..

​Intuitive Readings & Guidance

Using intuitive abilities, I can tune into your health issues, those who have passed on to the Other Side, relationship dynamics, choices on your path, and share with you the insights and wisdom that are coming through. It allows you to get a higher and deeper perspective of the layers of supportive or unconstructive dynamics that are on your path so you can make strong choices for yourself.  

We can also look at family or ancestral patterns, receiving deep insight into some of the core issues you have inherited that are contributing to your suffering.

This session can also help you become for self-aware through understanding some inner beliefs that are blocking you from moving forward.

The sessions are meant to be validating, uplifting and insightful. 

Each session is recorded and emailed within 48 hours.

Rate: $150/hour; $80/30 minutes

​Relaxing Energy Balancing Session

A relaxing session that helps you release negative energy and open up to a greater sense of peace and self-understanding.  Gain insight into the issues or blockages you are having on a metaphysical level.

Energy Balancing Sessions offer you time away from your busy life to relax and re-centre.  It can lift off negative energy and put you into a place of deep peace, giving you a fresh and balanced perspective for your life. 

Each session is a combination of Reiki, tree and flower essences, intuitive connection and sound healing.  The energy flows to what the recipient needs to receive on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.  

Many walk away feeling clearer, calmer and more expansive.  

Rate: ​$70/1 hour session
$50/30-minute distance session

Package of 3 sessions to be used within a year: $170 (savings of $40)
Package of 6 sessions to be used within a year: $320 (savings of $100)

"I've just got to say until yesterday I didn't know that this feeling was even possible. The transformation that I've felt already is amazing and I can tell there is so much more to come! I feel that the wall that was over my heart has disappeared and this wonderful, sweet and completely not scary at all feeling is seeping into my entire body. Thank you so much for facilitating my initiation into the world of Love."
- Tom, Ontario, Canada

Relaxing & Insightful Offerings

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Relax & Tune Into Your Heart

Intuitive Guidance and Relaxation Therapy