Persephone's Heart Society

To join, please fill out the registration form below.  By submitting this, you are acknowledging that you are a child-free woman who wants to grow personally and spiritually.  

Encouraging Child-free Women

to Grow and Create the Lives They Want

Welcome to the Persephone's Heart Society!

This is a private membership-based group for child-free women to share, feel supported and gain understanding on the journey towards personal happiness and fulfillment.

This is the gateway to finding out more about the creative and spiritual path of the child-free woman. 

It will help you Birth Your Heart in the world because you do have a creative purpose, aside from birthing a child. You already have so much perspective, wisdom  and understanding that can make a really great contribution. But you need the support of others who get you and your unique lifestyle and dreams.

​It is named after the Greek Goddess, Persephone, who was a child-free woman, medium, mystic and shamaness.  She is a great example of a liberated, child-free woman who was at one with herself.

​This society honours the child-free woman's path to personal growth and spiritual fulfillment. What I mean by spirituality, is that it encourages her to come into balance and harmony with herself, make inspiring and divinely guided choices, and to feel the joy of being in her intuition, body and truth. There is a level of the mystical at work within this group, where we are aware of synchronicities, our dreams, a spiritual dimension in our lives and the push to become more heart-centred people.

​It is FREE and the only requirement is that you need to be a woman who is happy or at peace with not birthing or raising kids. 

The services and benefits include:

- access to the Persephone's Heart Society Secret Facebook Group -- it is highly confidential and engaging so you can have your voice in a safe space
- access to the online bi-monthly Book Club for Child-free Women
​- receiving the online e-newsletter for child-free women
- recorded videos on the path of the child-free woman
- 15% off any Blossoming Heart Event or Service 
- free "Birth Your Heart" Session with Heather Embree