Blossoming Heart Divine Arts offers a variety of services that support you in feeling loved, relaxed and centred.  Each service has their own unique gifts and purposes, depending on your needs.  A package is the best way to see lasting results, making it more affordable in the long run.  

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  • Intuitive Readings -- a spiritual approach to access the wisdom needed in your life right now

  • Energy Balancing -- a relaxing session that helps you release negative energy and open up to a greater sense of peace and self-understanding

  • Holistic Life Coaching -- personal support to help you move forward in a balanced way that honours who you are

  • Your Family, Your Life Program-- your family of origin and ancestors teach you about relationships in all forms. They are the key to our success, failure, hurt and balance.  This 2-session program helps you see clearly some of the inherited issues that are affecting long-standing difficulties you are facing in your life -- whether it be with money, sex, friendships, career, health or creativity.  


A special part of your day to feel understood and cherished...​

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