Take Time to Care for You

so you can get back to what really matters...

Blossoming Heart Intuitive Arts

Here are the steps for us to connect:

Step 1: If we haven't worked together before, I'd suggest you book a FREE "Tune Into Your Heart" Initial Session so we can assess your needs and what I can offer you. 

Step 2: After we've had the initial session or if you feel you are ready to dive into working with me, then book a Life Balance Plan (see the info below) that charts out your path of well-being on all levels, offering you practical steps you can take to come to balance.

If we are meant to work further together, based on this session, then you will move to Step 3. If your plan reveals you need something else, then I will happily refer you to the proper resources.

Thank you so much for taking time for yourself to relax, re-centre and gain perspective on your path of balance and well-being.

Step 3: This step is for those who I have worked together with in the past or have completed the Life Balance Plan.  

You can choose a Relaxing Energy Balancing Session or Tune Into Your Heart Session, or a ​Take Time for You Package.

Let's Connect