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"I have participated in the group family constellations and was amazed by how profound and effective it was. I came out of the experience with clarity, comfort and peace of mind and it brought me further in my own personal healing."

- Jennifer

Possible Group Workshops to Host

Though I'm happy to customize a workshop based on your group's needs, here are a few ideas for groups/workshops.

Tune Into Your Heart Sessions

Home Party

Offer these one-hour, one-on-one sessions in your home and make it a day of relaxing, socializing and sharing your stories.  A mix of intuitive readings, mediumship, and soul coaching, your guests will walk away feeling clearer and more tuned into their life and spiritual path, finding the answers and love within. 

4-6 people will make the day possible.

Relax & Tune Into Your Heart

Retreat Day

Often with the busy-ness of the world, we lose touch with our innermost voice. This day will help your guests to tune in, go deeper within their soul, detox from modern stresses and gain insights for their path in life.

Activities include:

-Reflective writing

-Soul Constellations (a group gathering to explore and release patterns that no longer serve)


-Sharing Circle

Soul Constellations Gathering

Whether you offer a half day or full day, this gathering is deeply transformative and not just for entertainment or for a social gathering.

Soul Constellations is rooted in Family Constellations work, where it looks at family and ancestral patterns from a loving, compassionate and deeply honouring perspective.  It is embodied work in a circle format, where we can look at any area of life that is feeling disconnected, out of balance or unsatisfying. It accesses a layer of the unconscious that reveals what is hidden and acknowledging it for what it is. We start discovering how deeply loyal we are to our family's patterns in many of our choices.

With over 10 years of experience facilitating groups, I bring a unique approach to your gathering.  

Whether you want to offer a relaxing, fun and insightful afternoon for your friends, or you want a day retreat to do deeper inner work, or you me to hire me to facilitate a portion of your workshop, it would be an honour to be part of your network to help open and expand other's hearts and self-knowledge. 

I have a variety of offerings and possible workshops, depending on your needs. I can also customize any offerings that your group needs. 

My hourly rate is $100, 4 hours for $350, full day for $600 and overnight for $1,000.  If you need me to travel outside of the Guelph-KW-Cambridge-Wellington area, then we would discuss the rate for mileage. I also need to be fed snacks and meals so I don't faint:).  

If this interests you, the next step is to contact me so we can discuss details. Just fill out the form below and I will be in touch with you.

I look forward to meeting you and your group and help the world expand by feeling more connected at the heart.