Blossoming Heart Guidance

Grow Into Who You are Meant to Be

"Like everyone else I've had my share of challenges. I've tried lots of techniques to help me heal and deal! I have been so fortunate to experience working with Heather and can honestly say the experience has been insightful and transformational. She has taken me on a beautiful soul journey. I believe I will always be growing and learning and this work has taken me to my highest self. If you have the opportunity - try this - it's the best help I've ever received."


If you are feeling lost, unsatisfied or unsure of what direction to go in with your life, health or relationships, then let's chat.  

I want to help you go within, find solutions that work for you, so you can move forward in a way that aligns with your heart's truths.

Simply book your free "Get to the Root of the Problem" Breakthrough Sessionwhere I will guide you through a simple process that will help you to figure out what the real root of the problem is, so you don't have keep going in circles. 


We will meet by online video for 30 minutes, as I take you through my proven process that will offer you deep clarity and practical solutions for your life right now.