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Skype: heather.blossoming.heart

Address: 151 Norfolk Street, Guelph

Phone: 226-500-7321


  • Medical Intuition Certificate with Lori Wilson of Inner Access 101
  • Energy Healing and Medical Intuition Observation Hours with Atherton Drenth
  • Mediumship Courses at the Spiritualist Church of Galt
  • Reiki Master's with Debra Jones
  • Clearing Practitioner Training (type of Communications Coaching course) with Russell Scott
  • Sound Healing Workshop through Transformational Arts College
  • Emotional Healing Course through Transformational Arts College
  • Stress Management Certificate through Online Learning
  • Mindfulness Practitioner Training through Online Learning
  • Children's author of The Stellar Queen of Oaxaca
  • BComm Marketing degree, University of Guelph

A loving and higher perspective on your path...


My name is Heather Embree and I am so glad you have come to this site.  Changes are you have a big heart and you care so much about those in your life, and even big issues.  

I understand, because I'm the same way.  I know that things can feel disheartening sometimes, even discouraging, because we live in a world that isn't always aligned with love, compassion and care.  This can hurt our hearts in so many ways. It is important that there is support for people like us, so we can stay connected and centred within our hearts when dealing with life and all of its challenges.

For 20 years, I have been a tireless volunteer, humanitarian, writer, teacher and intuitive guide. 

I have worked for social justice causes, travelled and learned Spanish, participated in co-operative organizations, and served over 1,500 people through Blossoming Heart.  I have also seen and experienced the dark side of humanity, so have a keen street sense. I'm not naive about the realities in the world. 

I have also struggled with depression, my own history of substance dependency in my 20s, and have had to recover from sexual abuse and intimate partner violence. I say this so you understand that I am human and I don't pretend to have it all figured out.  If anything, these experiences have made me wiser, more compassionate and understanding with others.

In my early 30s, I had many awakening experiences that kept me on the path of love and healing and spirituality. I realized that there really is more going on behind the scenes and there is spiritual support available to us, if we align with it. I started serving clients, and everything grew really quickly.  

Because of my empathy and sensitivity, I feel and sense the depth of each person I meet, and global issues, as well. It's a curse and a blessing.  It's something I bring into each session. 

Many people find a deep compassion and connection through my sessions, and a clarity that helps them have breakthroughs for their life. I understand the unconscious and subconscious at a deep level and see patterns that support or weaken us.

I would love to support caring hearts like you to take care of yourself first so you can keep loving, growing and doing good in the world. We can't let the suffering get us down...

How I Became An Intuitive Reader

& Medium