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to Re-Claim Your Heart from Relationship Loss, Hurt & Difficulties

Blossoming Heart Intuitive Arts

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Address: 115 Norfolk Street, Guelph

Phone: 226-500-7321


  • Medical Intuition Certificate with Lori Wilson of Inner Access 101
  • Energy Healing and Medical Intuition Observation Hours with Atherton Drenth
  • Mediumship Courses at the Spiritualist Church of Galt
  • Reiki Master's with Debra Jones
  • Clearing Practitioner Training (type of Communications Coaching course) with Russell Scott
  • Sound Healing Workshop through Transformational Arts College
  • Emotional Healing Course through Transformational Arts College
  • Stress Management Certificate through Online Learning
  • Mindfulness Practitioner Training through Online Learning
  • Children's author of The Stellar Queen of Oaxaca
  • BComm Marketing degree, University of Guelph


My name is Heather Embree Warren and I am a trained holistic health practitioner & intuitive guide. 

I have connected with over 1,500 people worldwide in the past 8 years  as a professional medium, energy balancing practitioner, retreat & workshop facilitator and family constellations facilitator. I had a spiritual awakening in my late 20s where I knew I was being called to heal my heart and help others to do the same.

I believe everything is interconnected and our greatest growth in understanding who we are and our contribution to the world comes from our relationships -- the relationship to ourselves, our community, our ancestors, those who have passed on, the Earth and our bodies. When we embrace the journey of relationship hurt, loss and difficulty, we discover an endless supply of wisdom, creativity and self-hood that guides us on our path of life.

We truly are never alone once we allow ourselves to feel vulnerable, to share with another, set healthy and strong boundaries and to understand the interconnection of our life and after-life. 

I have had many relationship challenges myself with my family-of-origin, long-term relationship endings, moving to different communities and deaths of loved ones. I am very empathetic to the emotional, mental and spiritual disconnect that happens when we are in heartache.  I am also very hopeful that recovery and thriving is possible, and 

I am known for offering an emotionally aware, accepting and spiritual approach to my sessions. I want to know what makes your heart beat in the world and help you feel seen and heard fully. I am confident I can help you become more aligned with your heart's truths.

If this speaks to you and you are ready to heal and live from your heart again, please book a FREE "Heart-to-Heart" Initial Session so we can get to know each other better.  I have so much I would love to share with you. 


Heather Embree Warren