• Medical Intuition Certificate with Lori Wilson of Inner Access 101
  • Energy Healing and Medical Intuition Observation Hours with Atherton Drenth
  • Clearing Practitioner Training (type of Communications Coaching course) with Russell Scott
  • Emotional Healing Course through Transformational Arts College
  • Various Business & Arts Administration Jobs
  • Volunteering on Boards & Committees for the Co-op Sector
  • Stress Management Certificate through Online Learning
  • Mindfulness Practitioner Training through Online Learning
  • BComm Marketing degree, University of Guelph

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Address: 115 Norfolk Street, Guelph

Blossoming Heart Guidance

Grow Into Who You are Meant to Be


Thank you so much for visiting. Mostly, thank you for wanting to get your life back on track and help you to find the solutions that work for you.  I love serving those who want to be leaders of their lives but have felt they have hit a wall or have experienced a setback. I enjoy bringing out the unique needs and desires of each person and encouraging them to align their life according to their inner truth.  I believe that when we are in alignment with who we are, then true happiness, inner peace, magic and love can happen.

Using unique tools and my natural abilities, I am know for being totally accepting about each person's journey, offering confidential, compassionate and deeply aware guidance that gets you at the core of your heart's truths. I see each client as lovable, no matter what has happened in their lives. I give each client permission to be who they want to be - not what others want for them -- so they can make a life they can fall in love with. 

I have helped 1,500 people worldwide in the past 8 years to navigate and shift their business decisions, soul purpose, family dynamics, romantic relationships, inner fears and relationship with themselves. 

I am a down-to-earth, spiritual woman who has a neat gift of tuning into those who have passed on to the other side. I believe in angels and guides for our path.  I also believe in enjoying our life on earth through connection with others and relationships that give us pleasure. I have a background in holistic wellness, arts and sacred ceremonies.  

If you are ready for real and lasting results, where you can be true to yourself and get your life back on track, please contact me at:  for a Free 30-minute Get to the Root of the Problem Breakthrough Session.

I can't wait to get to know you.


Heather Embree Warren