Thank you for taking the first step to making sure you keep your soul well. 

If you're struggling with heartache, confusion, forgiveness, a restless soul, feeling lost in the soul or feeling compassion fatigue, I would love to meet or speak with you.

I have been practicing professionally for over 5 years as a psychic/medium, Energy Healing Practitioner and Teacher and group facilitator. I am an empath, animal lover, earth- and socially-conscious person.  I believe in breaking down prejudices in the mind, so people can give themselves permission to be who they really are, not who they're conditioned to be.

I love offering others a sacred experience of seeing themselves as wonderful and caring beings who have a meaningful purpose to their lives and challenges -- even if they don't feel that way right now.

So instead of feeling tempted to retreat, hide, blame or self-harm as a way of coping, please consider booking a FREE "Sharing Our Hearts" session so we can get to know each other and see if I can offer you a different perspective and approach. You deserve to live a more heart-filled life. 

with love and support,

Heather Embree

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