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Are you feeling broken-hearted?

Has a relationship dynamic or ending left you feeling raw, confused or hurt?

Are you having relationship problems at work or at home and you are feeling guilty or hopeless about how to resolve the conflict?

Not sure how to love and

honour yourself through this?

What if I told you that this relationship challenge offers you one of the greatest chances for personal and spiritual growth? That through this, you will know and understand yourself and others on a deep, personal and compassionate level. 

Let me help you re-claim your heart using intuitive and holistic approaches that allow you to feel the love within and around you again.

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"Heather has an intense curiosity and enthusiasm for discovering people, learning about them and about the world around them. I've had a number of experiences where I've seen these qualities including just random conversations where her interest in what I have to say is a gift. She's looked deeply and asked questions to clarify for herself and to understand what I mean, what I'm thinking. This in turn has helped me to see more deeply and to question and clarify for myself."- Barbara