Blossoming Heart Divine Arts is a soul-based business dedicated to the feminine spiritual and healing traditions as a way to support, uplift and offer a presence of divine love and wisdom to all of its clients.

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Your programs and insights have helped to reassure, validate, and ground me during my personal trials and "re-birth"      -Laura, Ontario


My name is Heather Embree and I am a professional Psychic/Medium, Soul Coach, Retreat Facilitator and Author. I help women who have gone through emotional pain to grow in self-love and self-awareness.

I am on the path of a Priestess, which means I honour the earth, women's spiritual traditions, and celebrate rituals/ceremonies along with the path of using psychic abilities as a healing tool. Through my soul coaching sessions and retreats, I provide space for the magic of insight and divine knowledge to work, opening up pathways to greater potential and healing.  For more info, please click HERE

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for women who have experienced emotional pain and want to grow in self-love and self-awareness so they can have a more loving, satisfying and healthy life...