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"Heather's reading was the most authentic and specific reading I have ever had from a "psychic" or someone who specializes in intuitive guidance. After connecting with her guides, Heather gave me practically a blueprint of how to lay out my business, set it up, who to connect with and all sorts of details I hadn't even thought of. She spoke quickly and powerfully and downloaded so many useful and practical ideas. That day I left feeling validated and excited because I was assured I was on the right path, in fact it is my life's work that I am doing now.  I am very grateful to Heather for this session as it served as a beacon to follow throughout all the planning and creating of my new life."
- Lori Bateman, Open Heart Journals

Let Love and Wisdom Be Your Guides...

for those who live from their hearts and believe in a benevolent Universe on Earth and the Other Side

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Heather Embree is a seer/medium, soul coach, lucid dreamer and artist.  ​She has the gifts of accuracy, compassion and deep insight, which she has cultivated through training and her own personal growth work. She is considered to be a "sensitive", empath and clairvoyant.

Her Soul Sessions connect you to the deeper wisdom for your choices and path, aligning you with your ancestors, loved ones and others who have passed on to the Other Side. She believes in angels and spiritual guidance and has had numerous divine intervention experiences.

She serves all adults over 18 years of age to help them connect to the spiritual wisdom and guidance in their life so they can feel uplifted, at peace and in a place of deeper contentment in their relationships, sense of purpose and knowing of those who have passed on to the Other Side.