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Holistic Life Coaching & Soul Consultation

Welcome to Blossoming Heart Divine Arts

I believe that we have many aspects to ourselves and we need to tune in and listen to each area of our being in order to walk with greater well-being, meaning and satisfaction in our lives.  

Through holistic life coaching and soul consultations, you will gain a deeper understanding of yourself, your life and what patterns need to shift in order to align yourself with the energy and flow of the universe.  

The benefits of holistic life coaching and soul consultations are:

  • making decisions from a more life-filled and heart-centred place
  • creative inspiration
  • feeling loved and supported 
  • deeper self-understanding and self-awareness
  • feeling energized and connected
  • alignment with your relationships, home, work and health
  • making your dreams a reality

We each have a unique rhythm and constitution, along with the stage of our life, that requires different elements to nurture us and help us live in a more balanced way. I aim to work with each client with who they are, where they are at physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, and what they need personally to feel more fulfilled.

I have served over 1,500 clients in the past 7 years  as a holistic practitioner, Reiki Master and soul reader. I am passionate about meeting people and helping them uplift their lives and offer solutions to areas of their life that feel empty, confused or uninspired.

Let's have a free chat by Skype or phone to see how I can help you have more energy, peace, inspiration and well-being in all areas of your life.   My email is: heather@blossomingheart.ca

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