Take Time for You to

Relax & Tune Into Your Heart

Blossoming Heart Intuitive Arts

Are you carrying the

weight of the world on your shoulders? 

Are you having a hard time seeing the

forest for the trees? 

Not sure which direction to go in?

Are you needing clarity and support to make choices that honour who you are and what you want?

Take Time for You to

Relax &Tune Into Your Heart...

​Often we just need to take a break and get back in touch with ourselves.

I can offer you a space to breathe where you can take a step back from your life, and get the weight of the world off your shoulders. This will offer you some perspective and clarity into your life, relationships, and well-being, helping you chart a path forward that is in alignment with what you really want and need, giving you more balance and vitality.

​To find out what service or program would be right for you, please book a FREE "Tune Into Your Heart" Session to see if I can support you.

Heather Elizabeth Warren (Embree)

Relaxation Therapist &

Intuitive Healer

Book a FREE

"Tune Into Your Heart"

Initial Session

where we assess your needs & 

how I can support you