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Blossoming Heart Divine Arts is a soul-based business dedicated to the feminine spiritual and healing traditions as a way to support, uplift and offer a presence of divine love and wisdom to for women who want to break out of the box and live from their soul.

I want to work with women who are either child-free, the rebel of the family, the caregiver, the empath or the community actionist; those who appreciate a spiritual or metaphysical approach, and take responsibility for their lives and the relationships in them. They may have overcome dysfunctional family dynamics and are willing to heal the blocks and barriers of low self-esteem. And most of all, they want to liberate themselves from their past and social conditioning and make a positive contribution in life...

Heather Embree

Soul Coach, Intuitive/Medium, Author  

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Your programs and insights have helped to reassure,

validate, and ground me during my personal trials and "re-birth".     

-Laura, Ontario

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